Friday, July 27, 2007

GED Skill: geometry

Dan is planning on on re carpeting his master bedroom, measuring 15ft by 25ft. He is looking at carpeting which costs $9 per square yard. He also has a budget of $300. Assuming that there will be a 10% waste, will Dan have enough money. If not, how much short is he?

Answer: Dan does not have enough money. He is short by about $112.5

Monday, July 23, 2007

GED Book Sale

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You may wonder why I am reducing inventory. I am getting rid of some of my GED books because I plan on bringing in other GED materials and I need the space!

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Percents: GED Skill

Karen bought a new sweater for 20% off the original price. If the original price was $49.99 and sales tax is 5.5%, how much did Karen spend on her new sweater?

Answer: First you need to find the actual cost of the sweater (original price minus the 20% off). Take $49.99 x .2 which equals $9.99. $49.99 - $9.99= $40.00 (cost of sweater on sale). Second you need to calculate sales tax (5.5%) on $40.00. Take $40.00 x .055 which equals $2.20.

Finally, you need to add the cost of the sweater, $40.00, and the cost of the sales tax, $2.20 together. $40.00 + $2.20 = $42.20

The answer is $42.20.

There are other ways to also solve this problem. Leave a comment on how YOU would solve this problem.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

GED Math Skill: estimating

Sharon is planning a graduation meal for her son. She plans on serving ham. The butcher told her that she should figure 1/2 pound per person. If there will be 67 people at the party, about how big (pounds) should the ham be?

answer: 67 x 1/2 = 33 1/2
about how many indicated estimation, so to be on the safe side, Sharon should get at least 34 pounds.