Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Passing the GED Math Test

I often get calls from adult GED students wondering what they should study so that they can pass the GED Math Test. These are typically students who are looking to prepare at home with limited time and resources.  They may not have the means (vehicle) to get to a GED Study Center or the money to purchase a GED book.  They are ready to start but do not know where to begin.

I will first gently inform them that they need to have a good grasp on the basics of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents,  basic algebra, and basic geometry.  This alone can be daunting for some students because they may not even know their basic facts of adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing.

Next, I let them know that the GED math test is mostly application.  They will need to be able to read the GED Math problem, pull out important words and phrases, set up the problem, and solve it.  Many problems are multiple choice, but many will have you find the exact answer and then record it in a bubble chart.

I let them know that they are NOT alone when it comes to needing guidance in GED math preparation.  It has been my experience that most students benefit from at least some instruction.  Getting a good GED book from their local library, help from a friend, or instruction from a GED tutor/teacher will all help.

Finally, lets not forget about patience!  Students want to learn it and they want to learn it now!  And... when some learn new information, they may not be patient with themselves when it takes a bit longer to retain it.  Remind them that they may need to hear it more than once to remember it.... and that is OK!