Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peter decided that he wanted to go to the ice cream shop so he started from home and rode his bike down First Street for 4 miles and then took a right turn and traveled due east for another 3 miles. If he was able to take a short cut and bike from home directly to the ice cream shop, how many miles less would he have ridden?

Answer: 5 miles

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I am planning a birthday party for my daughter. If a medium size pizza will feed 5 people and costs $13.99/each, how much will it cost if my daughter invites 8 of her friends. Oh yea... can't for get the soda at $1.49 and we will need 2, 2-liter bottles.

answer: Well, if one pizza will feed 5 people, that means that I will need 2 pizzas at a cost of $13.99 each. We will also need 2 bottles of soda at a cost of $1.49 each. So I need to multiply $13.99 by 2 and multiply $1.49 by two and add the products together.

$27.98 + $2.98 = $30.96