Thursday, July 01, 2010

What is the perimeter of a perfect square with an area of 36 square inches?

Solution: First, use the formula for area to determine what the length of the square's side.

Area = side squared ..... With an area of 36, each side of the square is 6 inches.

Once you have found the length of the square's side, use the formula for the square's perimeter.

Perimeter = side x 4

Perimeter = 6 in. x 4

Perimeter = 24 inches


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the answer be 24?

A = side x side (or s^2)

36 = s^2

so, s = 6 (not 9)

Therefore, the perimeter is 4 x 6 or

Learningtrends/GEDSource said...

You are right! Thanks for catching that. It is now fixed.