Monday, August 16, 2010

Susan is planning on attending college. The tuition including room and board is $15, 423.00 for the school year. If she receives $9, 420.00 in assistance, how much does she still need to pay? What percentage of the total cost will she need to pay?

Solution: This problem is asking for two answers. To answer the first question, you need to take the total tuition and subtract the assistance. $15, 423.00 - $9420.00 = $6003.00

Susan will need to pay $6003.00.

To answer the second question (what percentage of the total tuition will Susan pay), you need to translate it into a question, then solve.

$6003.00 is what percentage of $15, 423.00?

$6003.00 = Wp x $15, 423.00

$6003.00 ÷ $15, 423.00 = 0.3892 which is 38.92%

Susan will need to come up with almost 40% of the cost of tuition.

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