Monday, June 03, 2013

Division Skills (Basic and Long Division) Worksheets for GED Math Help

simple division worksheet
simple divison worksheet
When I ask the adult learners I work with if they know their basic division facts, many of them will tell me that they know some..... but they definitely need to review. 

Unless a learner knows their simple division facts, they will have a hard time understanding and learning their multiplication facts.  They will also have a hard time performing double digit division.
If you have a learner who is struggeling with their division facts and long divison, find some free printable division worksheets Start out with the basic division facts and once they have mastered those, move on to simple divison with remainders.  Until your learner can master their basic divison facts and simple division with and without remainders, you should not move on to more difficult long division problems.  However, as their parent, teacher, or tutor.... you will know when the time is right.

long divison worksheets
long division worksheets 
Division worksheets with the answer keys included is a great way for learners to gain some confidence by self correcting.  Of course, you as the teacher/tutor will need to determine if your learners should self correct.

I have found a simple way for learners to remember the steps in long division.  I have them think of a family... perhaps it is not the structure of their family... but some famililies.

Dad >>>>>>>>>>Divide
Brother>>>>>>>>Bring Down
Rover (pet)>>>>>Remainder

Following these steps may help your student learn how to perform long division problems. Be sure to practice long divison with remainders and long division without remainders.

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